Thursday, July 31, 2008

O Boy

There is a post sitting in my drafts folder in which I discuss how I deal with the unbelievably tiresome question strangers present when they learn we are expecting, "Were you trying for a girl?" and all my feelings surrounding this issue. That post is mostly outdated now as we learned at the last ultrasound that baby number six is also boy number six. Perhaps the only sentences worth posting from that draft are these...

"When my husband and I pursued this pregnancy it was another CHILD we desired, not a particular gender."


"If having all these boys has taught me anything, it's that you don't need to switch gender to get variety."

We are all very happy with the news. My husband gets to keep his home office (for now), the boys are busy helping us think up names for the new little team member--here are their top picks in descending order...

6. Sixtus
5. Elmo
4. Captain
3. Wall E
2. Hammurabi
1. Samurai Jack

And as for me? I gratefully remain, Blessed Among Men.