Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hunters and Gatherers

The boys in this house like to go exploring. Their father often takes them to trails and far away places to hike and see what they can see and they often do it on Sundays. I go with them sometimes, but just as often I opt to go shopping by myself instead.

Today, they were going to explore the woods behind our house. And since the last time I went with them I was given my options only after I had committed to the plan and couldn't back out, "Do you want to go to Water Moccasin Lake or Dead Catfish Pond?" this Sunday, I opted for shopping.

When I returned home there was big news--they had found an abandoned house in the woods, about half a mile past our property lines. They tell me it was entirely overgrown and seemed to have vines and tree branches for a roof. It was surrounded by four great old Oaks, there was an outhouse, glass Clorox bottles in the yard and an old television in the livingroom. It wasn't boarded up at all, but had doors swinging open by the hinges. Simeon told me it was "very interesting" and he'd like me to go see it. Alex said it was "cool" and he wondered about who might have lived there and Jacob said it was just plain "crweepy."

And as for me? I had quite the find myself--a maternity swim suit that isn't completely unflattering.