Friday, June 27, 2008


My kids have been anticipating this movie for months now. They read in the paper that it opens today and the older ones asked if we might go. I hemmed and hawed because I'd like to take them-- I really would-- but I wonder if its wise to spend so much on entertainment when the cost of what is necessary is so high and likely to get worse before the end of the summer.

Nicholas didn't sense my hesitation and just assumed all the talk meant we were going.

"Should we go to the van now?" he asked.

"No, Nicholas." I said sadly, "We're not going to the van."

"The truck?" he wondered.

"No, Nicholas, not the truck either."

He was a little confused but tried one last option "The stroller?"

If that wasn't bad enough, I saw my friend Karen is probably going to take her kids after reading this article at Catholic Exchange. OK, I'm convinced. We'll go. we'll go. See you there, Karen, the popcorn is on us!