Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yellow Disappointment

We discovered our local library this morning. Today was the start of summer story hour and so we made a point to get there and get library cards, too. The librarian welcomed us to the state and asked if we had picked up "Summer Reading Bags," yet. "No," I told her, we hadn't.

"Oh," she said handing a big yellow bag to each boy "These boys need their Summer Reading Bags."

When we got to the van Jacob couldn't be bothered to buckle himself in, he HAD to see what was in his yellow bag. He pulled out a pencil, some stickers, a bookmark, a doorknob hanger that pictured a cricket reading a book over the words "Don't Bug Me, I'm Reading," and a list of the library's summer activities.

"That's it?" he complained, "What's all this got to do with submarines?"

"Submarines?" I asked.

"Yeah, that lady in there said these were our Submarining Bags."