Friday, June 13, 2008

Master of Disguise

I'm feeling terrific now that I'm through my first trimester! I have energy and appetite and I've even started exercising again! I had to because food tastes good again, maybe too good. In any case, I am a happy, happy woman. I'm especially happy today because we'll be getting a first peek at number six this morning. I have an ultrasound scheduled.

"Who wants to come with me?" I asked at breakfast. "You'll get to see the new baby up on a big television screen!"

Almost everyone raised his hand. "I do. I do. I want to see."

But the oldest and most experienced was a harder sell. He sat back with arms folded.

"Trust me," he told the others, "It's not as exciting as it sounds. It's all black and white and the baby camouflages itself with the background."