Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bowlin' Em Over

Simeon asked to go bowling with the family for the first time and in the recent heat wave it seemed the perfect thing to do. He must have forgotten that he'd asked, though, because he had no idea why we told all the boys to get a pair of socks and head to the van one night after dinner. "Where are we going?" they asked, "That we'd need a pair of socks at?"

"We're going to the sock hop," we said.

"NNnnooooo," they dragged out their skepticism,"Where are we really going?"

"We're visiting a sock eating dragon. You wouldn't want to show up empty handed, would you?"

"We are not. There's no such thing."

On the drive there, the boys sat sandal-footed, excited and confused, a pair of socks on each lap.

"Tell us PLEEEEEEASE," someone started and the others caught on until the whole van was abuzz with one great plead.

"OK,OK, OK, OK, We'll tell you," we said, "We're going somewhere so great it's going to knock your socks off, so we thought you'd want an extra pair."

Well, it was pretty great and we all had fun bowling late into the night, but I've been wondering ever since...What are bowling shoes for anyway?