Friday, May 16, 2008

Unproductive vs. Reproductive

I've spent most of the last week and a half either on the couch or in bed. I've managed to get out a few times and get a few things done, but each time I get out or get much accomplished in a day, I have to spend the next two days in recovery. Recovery usually involves spending long hours on the couch watching laundry pile up followed by finding some way to get out of making dinner for the family. I'll get take out or frozen pizza and then go to bed at 6:30 PM. The next morning my husband greets me with a "Welcome back from the dead." I reply, "I'm still tired." So, that's where I'm at but I am not complaining.

I don't consider this fun, but I'm completely at peace. Maybe it's my age. Maybe relatively I can see that a trimester just isn't an eternity, however much it sometimes feels that way. Maybe I know that this will all be over so soon and I will again say as I have said every time, "That was so worth it."

Maybe it's experience. Experience tells me that the laundry will still be there when my energy returns and I'll get it done and have laundry again. The laundry is always with us.

Maybe it's that my children are older and if not more helpful, at least less dangerous to themselves. I'm not chasing a toddler around this time. I've done that. That's hard.

Whatever the reason, I am so much more at peace this pregnancy with these days that feel so unproductive and well I should. The truth is that these days haven't been unproductive at all. A little research tells me that in the last week and a half we've finished forming all of baby's joints and baby is already using them to stretch and flex. We've also completed most organs now including ears, nose tip, and tongue. Though they're not fully functional, we're continuing development at a rapid rate. And we're proud to say that Baby has lost the embryonic tail. Oh, and we're experimenting with an exciting new gripping reflex and we're even working on a unique set of fingerprints! So, I'd say we've accomplished quite a bit sitting on that couch, wouldn't you?