Saturday, May 03, 2008

Thank You All So Much!

Thank you, thank you, everyone for your kind words and congratulations. They mean so much. Every time I feel a wave of nausea, I come here and read your nice comments and it all just lifts like the morning fog, until it comes back again and I need to drink a bottle of Ginger Beer. I liked the stuff even before I read this (scroll down to the part about morning sickness). It helps.

Now, I don't have the worst morning sickness, and by that I mean I'm not as bad as some people I know who turn green and can't move or even some who have to be hospitalized to keep from becoming dehydrated. No, I just get queezy and woozy, and crave strange things. Nothing tastes good and everything smells wretched and sometimes I get dry heaves and gagging... not pleasant. I seem to be on a pattern this time around of two bad days, two goods days, two bad days. The good days are good. The bad days are...not pleasant.

About the cravings, they're really crazy. I don't mean that I crave ice cream with pickles in the stereotypical pregnant lady way, I mean my mind is constantly searching itself for something, anything in memory that might taste right, or even make me feel better or something like that. It just amazes me what my mind will come up with. I'll be driving along and suddenly I'm struck with this idea of American Chopped Suey like it's my salvation. Not just any American Chopped Suey either, but the fifth grade school lunch variety with the greasy hamburger meat and thin tomato sauce. Yuck. Thinking about it now just makes me ill. I didn't even like the stuff in fifth grade, but the appeal is this notion of a pure taste-- a true taste-- unlike all the funky off-tastes I've been enjoying lately. It wouldn't be saltier than I thought or spicier than it smelled, It would be just as I imagine it...or so I imagine.

I didn't chase that miracle Chopped Suey because I'd had a guacamole experience just like it two nights before. That time I did make the guacamole and put everything in as I should. How was it? Disgusting. The awful stuff lingered with me for the rest of the evening. I learned my lesson. These cravings are just thoughts of tastes I once knew, but cannot enjoy or even experience now. They're the devil's promises, I told my husband. I think I'll go have a Ginger Beer.

Thank you all, again, for sharing our joy!