Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks For the Email

Thanks, everyone, for your email! It is great to hear from all of you and nice to know that you're still out there. I'm trying to answer each email, but that may take me a little time, so I thought I'd answer some questions here...

A few of you have asked if I know that my comments are off:

Yes, I know my comments are off and I know there are down sides to that. I don't mean to be rude or give the impression your comments are unwelcome, they are welcome. I love to hear from you! But I find it easier to get my laundry done and floors mopped if I limit the back and forth of blogging to email. Thank you for understanding.

Someone wanted to know if this a big move for our family:

Yes, it is. It took us more than a day to drive here, though less than a week. This was one of our stops along the way...

where Nicholas picked me some of these flowers
(sorry, George W.)

and we now live in a place where these can be found in the back yard.

We're settling in well, one day at a time. I find myself staring for long moments at an object or wall hanging waiting for the thing to tell me where it belongs in this new house. I also feel as though it doesn't matter since I seem to be living more at Big Box Mart than at the house anyway. It's amazing how much you need to buy when you move. It's amazing how much you throw away!

Once, we were going to visit my sister and she asked that the boys bring their pillows as she didn't have so many extra pillows. I didn't think of it until we were heading to the car and I called the boys to get their pillows. When they came bounding of the house, I didn't think I had ever seen such filthy pillows in all my life. I was really grossed out and had to fetch each child a fresh pillow case for the trip. The fact is, if we hadn't been going somewhere I'd have never noticed their pillow cases were dirty and probably would have let them sleep on them that night as they were, but you bring them out into the sunlight and they simply must, MUST be changed.

Moving is like that. Everything you own, and I mean everything gets brought out into the sunlight and you realize half of what you own needs a darn good scrubbing and the other half just needs to be thrown away.