Saturday, April 05, 2008

Household Economy

Ever since he saw a set of nerf guns in a catalog and decided that he must have them for himself and his brothers, a certain son of ours has been overheard calculating...

"Five dollars and eighty cents, five dollars and ninety that dime I found in the car makes six dollars," he counted in his room. "The tooth fairy owes me two dollars," he said later, "That makes eight dollars and if I work for one hour and get paid ten dollars an hour, I'd have eighteen dollars and I'd only need two dollars more."

Ten dollars an hour? Who's going to pay him that?

Doesn't he realize employment is down and we're in the middle of a recession? Ah well, since there is plenty of work around here these last few days before our move, we'll do our part to stimulate the economy and see if we can't pay him four dollars an hour for three hours of work.