Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random thoughts of Seeming Importance (to me) in the Highly Artistic Form of Bullet Points

  • You might think you're saving money by buying those damaged cans of food at the local grocery store kept in a cart at the back and marked, "Reduced." After all, a can of beans you usually pay a dollar and a half for are there and cost only 25 cents. BUT remember that those warped cans will warp your can opener and a new can opener costs more than the dollar and a quarter you saved (not to mention the frustration.. Arggg).
  • When you decide to go to a St Joseph potluck on a Sunday in March where many, many children are in attendance...expect to be contending with stomach flu in your own children by the following Tuesday (again, Arggg).
  • If you must paint that exterior sunroom wall behind the climbing rose bushes to prepare for a home inspection, Easter week is a good time to do it. Thorns hurt. They really, really hurt. I started a little earlier than Holy week, but it gave me much to think about, offer up, and vow never to do again. Ouch.
  • Before we move, I should probably return all those Halloween books we still have to the library we borrowed them from. Ooops.
  • A more cheerful observation: Rainbows can be found in abundance in my early morning kitchen thanks to Daylight Savings. The boys have been "catching" them and it's fun to watch the "hunt."