Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Illustrated Lizard

...basking in the sun.

by Simeon

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He is Risen!

A very blessed and happy Easter to all!

Again, Where Does This Child Come From?

Me: Zachary, Zachary come closer to the house. You're playing too close to the road.

Zachary: But why?

Me: Because cars cannot see you there.

Zachary: Yes, that's true, but the people driving the cars can see me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Budding Financial Anylist?

We're watching mortgage rates these days and today, while I was looking at a graph of rate trends over the last several months my nine year old asked...

"Wow, can you tell me what this graph is representing? Whatever it is very bouncy."

So true.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Signs of Spring

This was a child-led, Waldorf-style, outdoor project involving scissors, sticks, acorns, stones and lots of moss. Also known as: What the kids did while I did yard work. They made stone soup, acorn and moss homes for lightning bugs (they had real lightning bugs!), and little leprechaun beds with pillows. It was serious work and when their hands got cold and they wanted to come inside, everything had to be saved in buckets for tomorrow.

Oh, and look who's blooming by the sunroom wall.
Easter is early this year and so, it seems, is spring!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random thoughts of Seeming Importance (to me) in the Highly Artistic Form of Bullet Points

  • You might think you're saving money by buying those damaged cans of food at the local grocery store kept in a cart at the back and marked, "Reduced." After all, a can of beans you usually pay a dollar and a half for are there and cost only 25 cents. BUT remember that those warped cans will warp your can opener and a new can opener costs more than the dollar and a quarter you saved (not to mention the frustration.. Arggg).
  • When you decide to go to a St Joseph potluck on a Sunday in March where many, many children are in attendance...expect to be contending with stomach flu in your own children by the following Tuesday (again, Arggg).
  • If you must paint that exterior sunroom wall behind the climbing rose bushes to prepare for a home inspection, Easter week is a good time to do it. Thorns hurt. They really, really hurt. I started a little earlier than Holy week, but it gave me much to think about, offer up, and vow never to do again. Ouch.
  • Before we move, I should probably return all those Halloween books we still have to the library we borrowed them from. Ooops.
  • A more cheerful observation: Rainbows can be found in abundance in my early morning kitchen thanks to Daylight Savings. The boys have been "catching" them and it's fun to watch the "hunt."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

One of Your Basic Food Groups

by Simeon

Zachary: Mama, will you please give me some breakfast.

Me: Sure, that's what I'm doing. I'm on my way down to feed the boys.

Zachary: Hmm...but you don't "feed" boys. You "feed" animals. You "give" to people. So, would you please "give" us our breakfast?

Me: Uh...OK...sure. (Where does this child come from?)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No Show

So, what would you do on the first day in over a week that you don't have to keep your house immaculately clean and pack up the kids and be out of the way for a few hours at a time wandering the mall or crashing in on generous friends so that realtors can tour potential buyers through a show case version of your normally more comfortable-looking home?

We ate a messy breakfast of eggs on toast, painted all afternoon, made treasure maps by staining watercolor paper with tea, and had a great big slumber party in the livingroom with pajamas and pillows and blankets and snacks!

Yes, snacks in the livingroom!

We watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, a delightfully innocent film about the magic of childhood, believing in one's self, and believing in order to see. OK, those themes are a little tired and this film doesn't add much substance to them, but it sure was entertaining and even a little clever. The snacks were pretty great, too.

I'm happy to say we have a buyer and probably won't have to do any more house showings! Thank you for your prayers, everyone. So many of you have promised us your prayers and I know that you really have been offering them--I can tell by how well everything seems to be working out. Thank you! God bless you all!

Thank You, St Joseph!