Monday, February 25, 2008

You are Invited!

I'm sorry everyone.

I password protected my blog yesterday and have received several emails from concerned readers, friends, family and even a phone call from my mother! Friends, I did not mean to uninvite you to "Blessed Among Men." You are all very welcome here.

To keep it short, here's what happened...

There are many changes taking place in my life right now. We're doing well and everything is humming along nicely. It's all good, but big changes (even good changes) have a way of shaking everything up. My husband and children need my 110% right now and so I thought I'd take a blog break. I continued to receive email, however, and was happy to hear from my friends. If I didn't get back to you, I'm sorry. I'm very, very busy. Know that your email was appreciated.

BUT... if you are the person who emailed me to tell me that I am self-absorbed (did you think my blog would be about you?), or the one who took offense at my post about house staging (for crying out loud I said there's nothing wrong with it) and especially if you're the person who emailed me to say that I lack charity and am over-religious know that I DID NOT appreciate your email.

Maybe I'm a bit sensitive. There's a lot going on in my life right now and I've been known to get extra sensitive when big changes happen. However you judge it, emails like the above would simply have been met with the "delete" or "spam" options in the past, but these days they've been a strain on me. However slight, we just don't need that right now.

That said, I realized since I password protected this space that many of my readers still check in here. I never let the occasional thoughtless or unkind comment keep me from blogging in the past and I won't let such things stop me now. I have opened this space up again and am officially announcing a blog break at least until Easter. I hope things will be more settled by then. I will be back.

Feel free to email me. If you have something constructive to say, I'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, the Blogosphere is a big, big place and if you don't like me I'm sure you can find someone else you do like. Go there. Thank you.

God bless every one of you, friends, thanks for checking in and thanks for caring!