Sunday, December 16, 2007

Update and A Word From Mary

We received one more donation this morning, though the drawing has been closed, bringing our total to an even $1800.00 Thank you! Thank you again, also, to Linda who was our winner and who donated her prize to Mary and her family. This tangible gift from Linda is the perfect touch to the gift that all of you have given.

And now, Mary has asked me to pass these words of thanks on to all of you...

Thank you. The gift that each of you has given to me and my family is worth so much more than these two simple words, yet these are the only words I have to express my appreciation and gratitude. To each of you individually it may have been a simple donation, but when added together you have raised 1800$. This means that not only will I be able to buy the winter necessities for my girls and myself, I'll also be able to buy a few special gifts and food stuff to help make the holidays special for the girls. Then I will use the leftover money to pay those bills that have started to pile up and never should - electricity and basic insurance. This means that instead of spending the Holidays worrying, I'll be able to focus on the children and celebrating Christmas.

When I asked Suzanne to place a link to my auction on her blog, I was only looking to draw more attention to my auction. I was so discouraged by the situation. When the children brought me their Christmas letters it just broke my heart, and there was nothing that I could do. So I prayed. This is when Suzanne came up with her idea for a draw. She warned me that I shouldn't get my hopes up, and I wasn't. At the same time I knew. I knew that this was the gift from God that I had prayed for. I said to Suzanne:

"I know that (it) may sound weird, but the only thing of value that I have is faith in God. I'm not worried by the amount of money, or the type of help your draw will bring. Every single bit of it will be from God's grace. No matter the amount, it will meet the need that I have so that we can celebrate His Birthday."

And every word of it came to pass and every word was true. I know that Suzanne will spend a very blessed Christmas with her family this year - one where she saw how in the little things that she does, those little things that she thinks are of no consequence, she can be the hands of God. I know that my story has touched many of you - from the person who donated only a few dollars to the the one who donated many many dollars. Not the story of my life, but the miracle that each and every one of you became a part of.

My tears of frustration and discouragement are now tears of joy and appreciation.

So I say a prayer for each of you: May God bless you, each and every one, and your families this Christmas time. May He keep you near His Sacred Heart throughout this new year dawning. May He watch over you and care for you as you have watched over me and cared for me this Christmas season. May He walk with you every day of your lives, and may you never ever doubt of His great mercy and love for you. Amen! Amen! God is good - all the time - God IS good! AMEN!