Monday, December 10, 2007

I Can Hardly Believe My Eyes

I'm sitting here with the goofiest grin on my face looking at the totals so far for the Christmas Cheer Challenge. I feel like a supporting character in the closing scene of some sappy Christmas movie because I am so amazed and so overwhelmed with your generosity. You see, I was hoping to raise two hundred dollars for Mary and her girls this week and I'm looking at nearly three times that amount before the close of the first day!

You are amazing! I need to say that again. You are amazing!

Some of you have given more than once, others have donated large amounts, and many of you have donated money without even claiming your chance to win a prize. I have over 50 donation receipts and only 35 claimed chances. Still others donated and then donated their chance to win as well. This is such a beautiful outpouring of generosity in the true spirit of Christmas and I am honored to watch it all from a front row seat. I've never seen anything like it this close before. To be honest, it's making me a little dizzy. You are amazing!

I just reached Mary and she is absolutely speechless. She did manage, though, to get out the words asking me to pass on her appreciation and deepest gratitude to all of you! I'll say it again: You are amazing!

Thank You!