Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday in a Box

This year, Alex's birthday coincided with the first real blizzard of the year. So, it looked liked this outside my window all day...

...and like this just inside my door.

I'd planned to make Alex his favorite gingerbread cake with egg nog icing this morning, but the snow prevented me from going anywhere. We were homebound and I wouldn't have minded at all if it weren't for Alex's birthday and the ingredients and things I still needed for a celebration. Alex amicably agreed to wait for the weekend when we could make his gingerbread cake-- topped with this year's dollar store trinket, and bring home our Christmas tree as we always do on his birthday. And we will still do that...

...but were we ever surprised when a cake came in the mail today! This is the first cake I have ever gotten in the mail, I'm sure, and the chocolatiest and the cake with the best timing of all. It came in a package from my brother who was sending us, among other things, a chocolate cake for Christmas. It wasn't large, but it looked rich and we thought it could do since no other cakes came in the mail that day. I asked Alex if he would like it with candles and he thought he would though he had one question,

"How did Uncle D- know we needed a cake today?"

It's hard to say just what anyone knows or if what we give will give more than we ever knew, but the one thing I know is this: This cake was the perfect gift and it arrived on the perfect day.

Thank you, Uncle D-, we love you!