Friday, November 02, 2007

Picture Words

The Natural Speller recommends having the student make these "picture words" with spelling list words. This is, by far, the most popular spelling practice activity of the week. I think some of these pictures have helped my "picture thinkers," and I always enjoy seeing what they come with.



"spray" and "play"


"fly" and "shy"


J.C. said...

These are spectacular, Suzanne! Really amazing--you should definitely save these. Now, I didn't get "shy" --is it some kind of machine whose name I don't know? Sorry, only girls over here...

Suzanne Temple said...

Thanks, j.c, You know my husband just said he didn't understand "shy" either. The "y" is so shy, he disappeared in a cloud flash and hid behind some sort of fortification. That's it.

Jane Ramsey said...

I actually "got" the shy picture...maybe because I am?
As always, your boys are incredibly creative!