Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kodakless Moment

The kids have been especially cute now that I'm out a camera.

Right now, for instance, Zachary and Nicholas are all curled up together asleep on the couch like a little ball of kittens.

I keep walking past them and making shutter sounds, click, click, click.


Anonymous said...

How cute. I know how hard this is to be without a camera!
I do have one except that I cannot seem to be able to download them! ugh. SO much for a camera and one that works taking pics but can't send them and brag about my cutie pies!
Talking about your young boys still take naps? daily? do you let them nap anywhere or need to be in bed?
If they do nap did you get them to do that?!
wow, some of my kids are just way to into everything that they would chill out to sleep on a couch. Mine do, however, love to look at books quietly, so I guess I can settle with that! :)

Suzanne Temple said...

Anon, No, they really don't take naps. We've been on the go a lot and I think they crashed today. It rarely happens.

Ian said...

We just got our first digital camera. My wife has been taking a lot of pictures lately. It's nice knowing that we can see the results without waiting 2-3 years.

Suzanne Temple said...

I warn you now Ian, You will not be able to live without a digital camera ever again. When/if it breaks it will be an equivalent family emergency to the furnace failing, or if you live far enough south the AC.

E Caughron said...

Oh boy, what a lovely image this was to me. Definitely a camera moment :-(. I love to grab the camera in moments like these and sometimes get teased by DH by the number of pictures that are taken. BUT - Then I remind him what a saving grace it is that they are digital. BTW, all my littles (including the 5-year-old) still nap daily for at least 2 hours. They nap in their beds without much trouble falling asleep and always around 12 noon. If it gets much later then they do have some trouble falling asleep.

E Caughron said...
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Cheryl M. said...

yes, yes AC in the south...the blasted thing is still running night and day, Nov. week before Thanksgiving....I want my fall....;(