Friday, November 30, 2007

From the Inbox

I finally got around to checking my email today and was surprised to find this there...

Ms. Temple,
I noticed the below posting on your web blog:

TigerDirect encourages you to buy their products by offering to donate a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood...Ahem, I mean the Komen Foundation.

We take your concerns about our charitible [sic] efforts very seriously. Our goal was not to offend anyone & we apologize.
Our customers are the reason we exist, & we will take your message into account going forward.
Thank you for being a Tiger customer & best wishes for a nice holiday season.
Best Regards,
[Mr. Tigerdirect representative]
VP - Business Development

My response:

[Mr Tigerdirect representative],

I truly appreciate your response to pro-life concerns and hope you will make changes going forward. I have been a TigerDirect customer in the past, but so long as any company donates to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I will not be buying any of their products.

Though I appreciate your apology, it isn't so much that I am personally offended as it is that I cannot, in good conscience, give to so-called charitable organizations that support the abortion industry--an industry that does such irreparable harm to women. I find the Komen Foundation particularly insidious because it does so under the guise of only helping women to fight breast cancer, a cause that is dear to many of us on account of its devastation.

Thank you, again, for your consideration. I look forward to seeing what direction Tigerdirect takes in its selection of charitable organizations in the future.

Suzanne Temple