Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For Your Protection

Timeline of Events Leading up to My Standing Here in Disbelief, Hanging up the Telephone, and Discovering a Grilled Cheese Sandwich in my Purse

Monday, August 20th

1:00 PM Someone steals a lap top out of a car in a public parking lot. That lap top belongs to an employee of the Department of Revenue Services in the state of CT.

Wednesday, September 12th

2:00 PM I receive notice that my personal information was on that lap top and that I have the option to sign up for credit protection, 3:00 I sign up for credit protection.

Friday, November 2nd

11:00 AM We start to get ready for the All Saint's Day Party. 12:15 I ask a child to hold my camera as I gussy up the dragon standing between St George and St Michael. 12:16 Said child drops camera to stone walkway. 12:30 Camera is pronounced dead.

Saturday, November 3rd

8:00AM I begin research on replacing camera.

Sunday November 4th

12:00 PM Research continues.

Monday, November 5th

2:00 PM I'm narrowing the selection down to a few.

Tuesday, November 6th

12:30 PM After a morning at the library, I decide to just head to the store with all five children and get a closer look at the camera I want. 12:31 Children say that they are hungry. 12:45 We take advantage of Big Box Mart's resident eatery and order milk and grilled cheeses all around. 12:47 Alex is done. 1:10 Everyone, except for Zachary, is done. I ask that he hurry it along. 1:20 I plead that he hurry it along. 1:30 Zachary agrees to move along if he can keep his sandwich. I put it in my purse.

1:35 Everyone has to go to the bathroom. Bathroom stop.

1:40 We arrive in electronics department and I begin looking. I find my camera. 1:42 Nicholas stands up in cart and demands to be let down. 1:45 Jacob is standing on a box and nearly falls. 1:50 Zachary has to go to the bathroom again. Hu? Bathroom break.

1:50-2:45 Whirlwind of migraine-inducing shopping with the children.

2:45-3:00 We wait in line to buy the camera.

3:05 My credit card is DENIED. Whoa. Why? 3:06 I try again. Denied again. 3:07 I don't want to make a major purchase on any other card and know there must be some mistake so I decide not to make the purchase. We walk out leaving behind a cart with the camera, a box of oatmeal, a toothbrush holder, a box of diapers, and a bag of chocolate animal crackers inside.

3:30 We arrive home. I settle the kids with some projects, grab my purse, take out my wallet and call the credit card company.

After the woman on the other end of the line is sure that I am me, she says that there was some questionable activity on my card today and wanted to verify it. She named the store I was just at and the exact amount I was trying to spend.

"Yes, that was me. "

"Oh, good," she says "that was all."

I hang up the phone and look down in my purse...


scmom (Barbara) said...

So sorry, Suzanne. But, that is too funny. I needed a funny about now. Have a great night knowing that your credit card account is safe!

Theresa said...

Oh, good grief!That is just so...well, typical!

Johane said...

Why am I all of a sudden picturing you in a yellow t-shirt with a big black zig-zag on it? ;)

Liz said...

Believe it or not, Suzanne, I had almost that exact same day last month. Only the names were changed, and it was our monthly groceries that were left sitting there, after an hour and a half of shopping(not to mention 3 trips to the potty) with all five very hungry children, cart piled high full of fresh meat and produce.
When I got home and called the credit card company, they informed me that the curriculum purchases I had made just before my shopping trip made my big grocery purchase seem suspicious.

Suzanne Temple said...

Oh Liz, how awful! Did you tell them that a huge curriculum purchase followed by a huge grocery purchase is very typical of a homeschooling family?

Ken Wills said...

Sorry to hear of the misfortunes of your day. How can not finding a grilled cheese sandwich in your purse not bring a smile to your face, a little ray of sun shine between two slices of bread!

If you want to do more research on camera, http://www.dpreview.com/ is a good site. "Buying Guide" on left sidebar is useful.

Michelle said...

A big curriculum purchase followed by a big grocery purchase followed by a big alcohol purchse...

Well, at least you know what camera you want...next trip won't take as long???

Suzanne Temple said...

Thanks for the link, Ken!

Amy said...

You have such a way with words, Suzanne! HUGS to you, and I hope you get that camera soon. :)

gretchen from lifenut said...

That was hysterical.

Ann Horan said...

Funny story! At least you found the sandwhich on the same day!

I have heard of big families getting denied at the grocery checkout before. What is so strange about spending many hundreds of dollars on food?!?

Kristen Laurence said...

That's too funny. Grilled cheese sounds good right now though. Thanks!

KC said...

Oh, man, I really needed that chuckle.

J.C. said...

Whew! It's wonderful that you can take this series of events and make them amusing instead of aggravating!

kat said...

I recall having the charge card company call me and ask me if our card was stolen. Apparently someone was trying to use the card in Iceland and was denied.

I screamed into the phone, "that was my husband, on TAD (military speak for short trip) and trying to buy me a gift to make up for leaving me home alone for 2 weeks with 5 kids!" Let him charge something expensive da*&^^!"