Friday, October 19, 2007

An Ed Emberly Afternoon

Perfect, just perfect for a foggy and rainy October Friday. We'll be using black pens on orange construction paper. I knew when I bought this book in August and hid it in my closet that this day would come.

* * * * *

This just in from the combox. Thanks Dawn, for letting us know that today is Ed Emberley's birthday. No, I had not realized that. Thanks also, Dawn, for directing us to his way fun web site.


Dawn said...

Suzanne, we are really on the same wavelength! :) I requested that book from our library and it's just come in. Did you know today is Ed Emberley's birthday? He has a nice website here:

Have fun!

Beck said...

I'd forgotten all about Ed Emberley and I LOVED him when I was a kid! What a great website, too!
... making big plans for tomorrow at the library! Thanks!

Mrs. Darling said...

Oh my now I have to have this book!