Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thomas Aquinas College Chapel Photos

Wow! There are some pictures up at Shrine of the Holy Whapping of the progress of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel at our Alma Mater, Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA.

Recently, a professor from the college told me how large the chapel was going to appear on campus and we had a discussion about how the term "Chapel" does not refer to the size of a building, but to its diocesan standing. Very interesting, but I didn't get a real sense for the proportions until I saw these pictures. Wow!

H.T: Studeo


Michelle Halpin said...

Very, very cool to see, Suzanne! Thanks for posting these...we visited about a year ago, and they hadn't started construction yet, but it looks beautiful.

Ann Horan said...

Duncan Stroik's work is truly amazing. He has also designed a chapel for Thomas More College in NH. I hope I live to see the day they finish it!!