Thursday, September 20, 2007


Zachary's Tiger

Do you remember using Paint With Water pages as a child? You know, the coloring pages with dots or grids of dried watercolor in the area to be colored-- and all you had to do was use a brush dipped in water to fill in the spaces? These are great for preschoolers because it doesn't take much skill to get a pleasing result.

I loved the magical way the paint appeared when I used these as a kid and now I love the way they provide my littlest ones with relatively mess-less painting fun!

I had completely forgotten about them until I saw them at our local parent/teacher store. I bought this one and another by the same company. I also found Tonka, Babar, and Dick and Jane at Amazon. And though I don't see a picture, this Bible Stories Paint With Water book sounds like a great idea.


nutmeg said...

I bought one of these to occupy Little Boo on our plane trip, and it worked wonderfully (as long as there was no turbulence... ha ha)

I need to get some more!


Colleen said...

For the littlest and for travel fun, the kids can wipe a baby wipe over the page and get a neat, fairly satisfying effect...great for car and plane rides...and toddlers who tend to make the biggest of messes with even the smallest amount of water! first comment on your blog, been reading a while, a mom of five boys also!

Suzanne Temple said...

Well, hello colleen! I see we have at least five things in common, and I bet many more. I just love the baby wipe idea. What ever did people do before baby wipes were invented?

Jennie C. said...

They make watercolor pencils now, and the kids can draw their own pictures then paint over them with plain water in the same way.

Mia said...

Ohhhh.. I remember those! I love them too.. but I didn't know they even still existed (shows how old I am).

Thanks for the memories :)

Beck said...

Our dollar store sometimes has those! They're fun for crabby afternoons.

T with Honey said...

Sadly Princess doesn't like these as much as I do. To her the page looks already colored so why bother.
She has a similar yet exact opposite problem with the ColorWonder products. It takes a few seconds for the color to develop so she thinks that they don't work right. And she gets frustrated that she can't really see where she is coloring/painting.

So for me I'm stuck with pulling out messy ole watercolor trays, fingerpaints and washable crayons and markers.

Julie said...

My 3 year old received a Tigger and Pooh one for his birthday this summer and loves it!

orthodoxy hunter said...

I've been making my own with regular coloring books. Use crayola washable markers and trace the inside edge of each shape/section. Then let your child spread the marker with a moistened paintbrush. :D