Friday, August 17, 2007

School's In

Well, not really. And yet, every day new orders arrive with wonderfully exciting books and the boys beg me to use them so we've had a few language lessons and we've done some phonics, we had an informal art class and today we had our first Math U See lesson. We're not on a schedule--I haven't even written one yet-- and I'm not pushing any of this. This is child led learning and it's fun.


nutmeg said...

We love Math U See. This will be our second year using it and I'm so excited!

I think the kids are too... well, maybe not, but it's a great way to learn math.


Johane said...

This is what I miss about homeschooling... moving at the child's speed, without the stigma of "failure" should they not meet some arbitrary "need to know x number of words and how to do math and how to follow directions..."

My 7yo is repeating grade 1 because she only caught on to the material in late April/early May. Except I know if I had been homeschooling, first she would have had different goals - actually learning stuff - and she would have started catching on earlier (one on one teaching, one on four, it's much easier to deal with than 1 on 25) - and even if she was a bit of a late bloomer, we could have worked things out at her pace.

So now she knows that all of her friends are going to be in grade 2, and she'll be in grade 1. She doesn't understand what that means until the first day of school when they all go their seperate ways.


I wish I could homeschool again. The father will never allow that though unfortunately. :(

Karen E. said...

It's delightful, isn't it? :-)

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

That's my favorite way of learning!

We're trying out Math-U-See this year for the first time...Monday is our official first day - but I'm looking forward to it and thankfully so are these treasures!

Ouiz said...

I get so excited when I see the delivery truck coming with more packages of books for homeschooling!

Suzanne Temple said...

Ouiz, I know what you mean. It's like Christmas in August!

Ouiz said...