Thursday, August 23, 2007

Coming Clean

It's bath night. My husband is in charge of bath night. That's one advantage to having a house full of children of the opposite gender--I don't have clean all those boy bodies. The mud and the saw dust, the food and the blood-- he does it. For this, I am grateful.

No, I don't have to manage the bathing of five young boys, I just have to clean the kitchen in peace and silence. When did cleaning a kitchen become such a luxury? And yet it really and truly is a luxury untold.

I sweep in peace, scrub pots uninterrupted, mop in the silent and peaceful evening with no other company than my happy thoughts.

And what are my thoughts? I think of our family life--this life we have together that has been built on love and sacrifice. I think on our dreams--our dreams to fill our lives with more of what we have and find ways to accommodate us all. I think of home education and all I hope to accomplish. I dream of happy days of learning under this small roof and how we might expand the roof and the number of learners beneath it some day--some day. I dream and think and it all seems so perfectly wonderful here in this kitchen, alone.

But as I listen I know that, at some point, all this dreaming and planning has to meet the reality that is carrying on upstairs. And you know, sometimes they can seem worlds apart.


Beck said...

What a lovely post.
My husband handles the bathing of our three - with the older two, it's just getting the taps started, mind you - because otherwise he would have even less than his hour and a half a day with them. So that's his time.

Jen said...

What a beautiful and powerful post. I so enjoy cleaning up in silence after dinner. Sometimes I beg my husband to take the kids so I can be alone. I'll be more than happy to clean if that's how I get it. Those times of reflection and reality can seem worlds apart, but those quiet times are God's arms wrapped around you in love, in thanksgiving for your love and sacrifice. It's a window into the reality of the beautiful blessing you've been given in your family.

Suzanne Temple said...

Thank you beck, and thanks jen. What a kind and thoughtful comment. I see you understood exactly what I was trying to say.