Friday, August 03, 2007

Baking With Amphibians

I had to share my baking space with nine new household amphibians, yesterday. The local parent-teacher store holds "Kidtivities" throughout the summer and I had signed the three oldest up for this "Make Your Own Pet" class. Really cute. The boys used various paint and marker and water techniques to make these sand-filled "pets" their own. They were pretty wet by the end and so we set them here to dry.

The pets even came with their own adoption papers to make the experience all the more real. Here's Jacob demonstrating how to properly hold "Colors," his new pet lizard.

I am hoping this makes up for the real frog the boys lost last week. Last week, a neighbor had found a frog in his front yard water fountain. While I was out, this neighbor, my husband, and all the boys conspired against me and built the frog a habitarium in one of my Tupperware dishes and had plans to keep this thing in my house.

"What will he eat?" I asked with a taut expression.

"We will bring in flies or you could buy him meal worms," Simeon suggested.

Oh, the horror of it. Anyway, the little frog did escape that very day when he was left unattended and without a cover in the front yard. I should say, too, that he had no assistance from me whatsoever, except that I was the only one who rejoiced inwardly when we discovered that he had reacquired his freedom. (Notice how I call him a "he." For all I know it could have been a girl frog, but somehow I doubt it.)

I really dislike instances like the frog one where I am made to feel like it is me against them in some kind of gender clash right under my own roof, but I suppose it isn't completely avoidable. To my credit, I did get excited with the boys the other day when we discovered a sac of baby spiders had hatched in the sun room. Gross, hu? Well baby spiders aren't so bad. They are about the size of a period on this screen and they move around together en mass giving the impression of a mobile mildew stain. So, though there were hundreds upon hundreds of spiders crawling around in my lovely sun room, I didn't lose it. In fact, I joined the excited throng of observers and OOhed and Ahhhed with the best of them.

Only later, when the boys were outside playing did I spray the spiders with bleach and wipe their tiny new lives away because, as I understand it, baby spiders never grow up to be anything other than nasty big spiders.


Anonymous said...

I actually like spiders because they help control the populations of the really nasty pests.

Hundreds upon hundreds, though?


Melanie B said...

Your story about the frog reminds me of a book that's a current favorite around here, The Salamander Room, about a boy who wants to bring a salamander to live with him and how he answers his mother's many concerns.

Suzanne Temple said...

Thanks for the link, melanie, that book looks perfect for our house. I just ordered it. It should be very cathartic for us all.

Jill said...

Another post that makes the title of this blog so fitting! :)

scmom said...

Did you know, Suzanne, that Home Training Tools (.com) actually sells frog habitats and with it comes a coupon for little frog eggs that hatch into little tadpoles and later become little frogs? Your boys woud love it! I actually have to admit that raising one from an egg makes it a little more tolerable.

Johane said...
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Johane said...

Ok, I guess I'm more of a tom-boy at heart. I catch frogs and show the kids. I guess I catch frogs when I see one, as I seem to recall catching one on a class field trip two years ago... Ummm... that was my class field trip... lol

Mind you, I tend to do the catch and release thing. I don't think I could catch and keep....

A few years ago we were also awed by a clutch of spiderlings in our midst. Mind you they were outside in the hedge and not in our house. I might have done the same if they had been in our house... But only because I wouldn't want our family name to be changed to Adams... ;)

And I'm on my own so I like to show the girls that "boy things" like catching frogs and watching spiders is ok.

mom-in-training said...

My heart went out to you as I read this post, and I must admit, I was quite impressed by how you reacted to the baby spiders. I think I would have had a heart attack. But boy did I laugh out loud when I read your last paragraph. Too, too, funny! So thoughtful of you to wait until the boys were outside. Thanks to me, my children aren't fans of spiders and probably would have began stomping out the lives of those poor baby spiders the minute they saw them (if they hadn't already ran away screaming in fear).

Jane Ramsey said...

Spider killer!
It's a good thing your boys don't read this blog (at least not yet!)

mel said...

heehee...I would have freaked out way more about the spiders than the frog!