Friday, July 13, 2007

When you're Nine...

...Star Wars characters are real and Sesame Street Characters are just Muppets.

Simeon: I just now realized who does the voice of Cookie Monster and Grover. It's Yoda!

I wonder if Yoda gets a paycheck.


Johane said...

You can tell Simeon that I had Yoda for a french teacher while I was in High School. For real! Except he's a she, and her given name was Yolande (pronounced Yo-lon(g)-d). We all called her Yoda because she looked like him. Except for being green. I think they used make up for that.

She certainly had the force with her though, she had to, to be able to see what was going on in the class when she was writting on the board?

If I see her again, I'll ask her though if she got paid for doing the voices of Cookie Monster and Grover. ;)

Jamie said...

Finally someone who lets their children do Star Wars!!! My husband loves it and 7 year old does too, he is always looking for other boys who like it too....wish you lived closer, he'd be in heaven! I have to admit, I love the good and evil thing in the movies and how it parallels real life.