Friday, July 20, 2007

Strange Things Come out in the Rain

Simeon morphs into an Amphibious Creature Thing on a dull and rainy afternoon.

I should have snapped pictures of the others. Alex was a bearded baker. Zachary was Robin Hood of the Round Table with a green hat and plume, silver cape, and bunny ears around his waist. Best of all, Nicholas was going by "Mary Poppins" as his pirate's hat was worn inside out-- giving it a rather English look --and he brandished an enormous srtiped umbrella.


Ken Wills said...

I see this picture and think of Golum!

Suzanne Temple said...

Ken, That's what the boys were saying this morning. I guess you're right.

Beck said...

He's so funny!

Jane Ramsey said...

I would love to see the Mary Poppins!
Dress up is a favorite activity at our house, too. I should show you Finnian's Spiderman-firefighter-Darth Vader get-up!