Friday, July 20, 2007


...from my couch where I was reading a good book as the rest of my family sat on the other couch watching part of the Discovery Channel's, Planet Earth.

Boy1: What is that?

Boy2: Oh, it's a tapestry of mucous. Disgusting, and still so beautiful.

Boy 3: OOooohh, look at that. That's bat dung.

Male Parent: Did they say 300 feet? That pile of bat droppings is THREE HUNDRED feet tall? WHAT is it covered with?

Boy1: Those are Cockroaches.

Boy 2: Yea, hundreds of thousands of Cockroaches. Wow!

I think I'll stick with my book.


KC said...

LOL!! I have one boy and he's just now starting to get into "male" type things at almost 9. It's such a foreign world to me.

Kimberlee said...


Muddy Mama said...

Ugh. My boys LOVE shows like this. Their favorite? Ever watch Dirty Jobs? Yeah. That's the one.