Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Remains of the Day

After the children are in bed, I often find buildings and structures they have worked on throughout the day. The sight of their constructive efforts, discovered only once they are quietly sleeping, refreshes this mother's soul and promises peace in the new day.

A Living room Marble Run

A Sun room Train Track

A Play room Castle


Kristen Laurence said...

So fun! What great building blocks!

Ruth said...

I love pictures like these. I know exactly what you mean when you say it refreshes your soul. I have wanted to write posts like this one, but couldn't put into words what I was feeling. Seeing the kids' creations is such an overwhelming feeling to me. Thank you for sharing your life. You have a beautiful family.

mel said...

YOu have a wonderful way of putting those "every mom" thoughts into words. :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful & inspiring creations, Suzanne! I don't wonder that these are truly Soul refreshing for you! I wonder, can you please tell us what those wonderful wooden pieces are, that they used to make the marble run? Wonderful stuff!
~ Catherine

Suzanne Temple said...

Catherine, the marble run blocks were sent to the boys from Germany by their uncle who lives there. You may be able to find something like them online. I never looked.

Kimberlee said...

Oh, Suzanne, another lovely post to make me think of those Thomas days gone by. I wonder if I'll dream about you again and if I do, will I have a butterfly mug, too? ;-) But I do still know so well that poignant feeling of finding their creations after they've gone to sleep. It always gives me a little pang, that ache of love. Thanks for sharing.