Friday, June 08, 2007

The Caterpillar

Calapitter, Capalitter, Clapaliller,

No matter how you say his name,
His response is just the same.

From cradle to chrysalis
He is voiceless and whistle-less.

(Last stanza is an adaptation from Ogden Nash's The Caterpillar)


Beck said...

What a green caterpillar! We only have army worms around here, and they are NOT loveable.

Ryan M. said...

So caterpillars are not as gross as worms? I guess the former turn out better in the end...

Suzanne Temple said...

I thought someone might ask that, ryan, and I must tell you that wax worms are not even really worms. They are maggots: much, much, much grosser than a cute green and yellow caterpillar-both in their origins and in their ends.