Thursday, June 07, 2007

Application for the Mother of the Year Award

It's simple, really, but I think you will agree. My husband and sons are going fishing early in the morning with my brother in law and some nephews. I am so happy they are going. It is such a good thing for them and they enjoy it so much. I'm very supportive. Very. Tonight, as I was on my way out the door to run a few errands my husband had a request,

"Will you pick up some wax worms for us?"

My eyebrows pinched themselves.

Some what? Where do I buy worms? (Oh, yuck)

"At the pet store."

How many? (wince) What do they look like? (wince, wince)

"They'll know, and just get a small deli container. You know, like the size of a hummus container."


"Mama's getting the worms?" Simeon asked in disbelief.

I got those worms--in their little deli container thingie. I am even hosting them overnight in my fridge. (wince, wince) My eyebrows are still pinched.

Why don't they ever ask me to pick up flowers?


Sue B said...

I didn't have to buy the worms. But when the garage fridge broke, the two containers of night crawlers were placed ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER by my fisherman. AND HE FORGOT ABOUT THEM. They were good and dead when I found them. ~Shudder~
But can I be in the running for mother of the year since I checked with him before I threw them out?

Suzanne Temple said...

sue dear, you certainly are in the running. I sense some tough competition from other wives of fisher men! I should have expected that.

Cheryl M. said...

Hmmmm....worms in your fridge....hmmmm.....enjoy your quiet time! :) As long as those worms stay in that little container all is okay. :)

Kristen Laurence said...

Tell them to have a wonderful time! And not to be surprised to come home to a huge bouquet of flowers, some chocolate and you sipping on a glass of wine! :)

Truthfully though, just the thought of your men having such a special day together is better than any of the above!

Johane said...

Do they clean the fish for you though? If they do that it's all good! ;) Enjoy your day.

Amelia Marie said...

I didn't have worms in my fridge but I did have a ziplock bag of live snails on my fridge last week. My daughter collected them on the front porch as she waited for the postman to deliver the mail.

Ken Wills said...

On my son's first fishing trip, he was amazed to learn that Walmart sells worms! How cool is that. When then sat on a swing just outside the store waiting for my wife to return. He graciously offered to show every shopper his container of worms. He even had several takers. Sometimes its amazing the generosity strangers will show for children.

Kimberlee said...

Oh, Suzanne, you certainly do win!! Greater love has no mom than this, than she open her fridge for her men.

Jill said...

These entries are what makes "Blessed Among Men" such a unique blog to read!

Ryan M. said...

There you go -- that's one reason why I don't fish. I do eat fish, though, on occasion, so I've got that going for me.