Monday, June 18, 2007


Zachary checks his pants every morning to be sure the tag in the back reads, "3." That's his age, his size, his number, and if it isn't there, those aren't his pants.

"Papa's age is on his tags, too." Zachary told me this morning holding up his father's shorts.

I was about to correct him when I realized that, at this point in time, my husband's age does in fact match his waist size.

I shared this amusing coincidence with him later and he said that's all fine and good for now, but he's really hoping it isn't still true in ten or fifteen years from now.


Michelle Halpin said...

Very cute, Suzanne! :)

Johane said...

That is sweet!

Tracy said...

Yes, my son thinks his shoe size should also be a "3". How confusing!