Thursday, May 24, 2007

"You Said... weren't posting this week," my husband reminded me yesterday when I posted something simple to my blog. (He doesn't like inconsistency--fancy that!)

He was right, of course. I had said I would not post. I even posted that I would not post, but then I pretty much completed the summer planning in ONE afternoon and as for the wrapping things up, well, we're pretty much wrapped up. Tomorrow is the last day of school for us and I feel good about that.

"You keep posting," he said again today. "Why?" I explained the above, but no amount of excuses would satisfy him. I had said one thing and done another and I deserved to be chastised for it. He was pleased to see others call me on it, too.

This from the man who was disappointed when I told him I wouldn't be posting for the week. This from the man I have been spending every night with this week when I am usually blogging.

Integrity. Consistency. Doing what you say you will do. I suppose there's something good about all that. "Now you're probably going to write a post about how you were not supposed to post and you did anyway and people called you on it," he had the nerve to say to me tonight.

Well, I can be as consistent as anybody and I can not-post when I say I'm going to not-post. So, just to show him, I'm not going to post about how I was not going to post, but did anyway.

So there.


Johane said...

And here I was not coming by to read because you weren't going to post for a week. I would bite the bullet and live life without my daily cup of blessings while you spent a deserved and pleasant week with your family. I drop by tonight for some inspiration to find 5 new posts!

Your husband is right to chastise you for lack of consistancy.

Thanks for being super-efficient and inconsistant! ;)

Suzanne Temple said...

Bless you, Johane.

Jennifer said...

Spill it! How did you get all your summer plans done in one afternoon. I don't think I read anything after that sentence.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

What's wrong with blogging about blogging? ;)

Good for you for finishing up your planning. I hadn't planned on doing any book work over the summer and then my sons saw these and clamored to each get one. Who was I to stand in the way of their excitement?

PS. My thoughts on your having been chastised "anonymously" are as follows: BLEH.