Thursday, May 31, 2007

So Alexander

We've often suspected that Alex lives in a parallel universe that meets our own at some impossible vertex that is Alex himself. He sees the world from angles most of us just don't which leads us to believe that he will one day be either a great poet, a tremendous inventor, or out on the streets.

Just yesterday, my new egg poacher arrived via UPS. I thought I'd poach eggs and drop them on toast for a simple meal for the kids. Alex, who had only known hard boiled and fried eggs all his life was taken aback when he saw his dinner.

"What kind of animal do you suppose laid these eggs?" he asked aghast.

"A chicken, Alex."

"No, no, no," he wouldn't buy it, "These are much too big for chickens."


Jen said...

LOL! That's great.

Cheryl M. said...

HA! He reminds me of my Stephen...who scares the heck out of me with his extreme book intelligence/amazing info retention, but his equally amazing lack of common sense...

Beck said...

Kids are just funny.
The Girl will ONLY eat her eggs poached, which is quite annoying. I hate poaching eggs, but guess what I'm doing most mornings?

Johane said...

Well, I guess to go with his parallel universe, there may be chickens there that lay duck eggs? What do you think?

It is amazing what kids will hold on to though. My 6 yo just finally realized that our local cemetary is not where Jesus is buried. We have explained to her many times that He is alive and well and waiting for us to join Him in heaven. That He sends us His Holy Spirit and His Guardian Angels to guide us and guard us... She understands all of that. It still didn't quell the disappointment in her voice though when she said to me the other day: "Jesus isn't buried in our cemetary, is He momma?"