Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Saints Meme

Four Favorites...

1. St Joseph-He has led our family step by step to where we are now in terms of career, housing, and family dynamics. We continue to follow his lead, trusting in his constant assistance. He is a friend and father to this family in such a way that it makes me wonder at the fact that we have not yet met him in person.

2. St Thomas Aquinas-Played a major role in my husband's conversion to the Catholic faith (as well as my own formation) and is an ongoing influence in our development of understanding the faith.

3. St Augustine-I love a sinner turned great saint. It gives me hope. Also, I share his love of words. Augustine was full of words (unlike Aquinas) --passionate words, abstruse words, fleshy words, spiritual words. He just wrote and wrote and wrote more and ever more words saying, here and there, something deeply meaningful or highly quotable.

4. St. Therese the Little Flower-To be frank, I don't care for her writing much at all. It strikes me as excessively girlish. But I think her "little way" is also my way and that I can appreciate. Far from girlish, the little way requires tremendous fortitude. It isn't easy to find and choose God in the ordinary and mundane, day after day. I sometimes wish I could exchange this slow, quiet, almost imperceptible death to self for a quick and glorious martyrdom!

Two Blesseds

1. John Paul II
2. Theresa of Calcutta

Someone I think should be a saint...

1. Either of those two Blesseds.

Thanks, Sara!


Barb, sfo said...

I agree about the Little Flower's writing--but after all, she was a young girl! Yet the wisdom of her Little Way was beyond her years.

I really have enjoyed reading all the replies to this meme as it goes around.

Jen said...

I also agree about the little Flower's writings. I found her book difficult to read, but do greatly admire her "little way" as well because it can be applied so well to my state of life, and is really so hard to do! I also love JPII. I hope to see him Blessed soon. And I couldn't agree more about taking a quick martyrdom instead of the slow, day to day dying to oneself!