Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phew...This Flew!

Dear Toothfairie,

This is a letter to explain that Alexander has lost his front tooth (you may see the gap for yourself if you must) and has not yet received a visit from you.

Please understand, as I was keeping the tooth for Alex in a safe place so that he might present it to you-- under his pillow-- this very evening. Well, Alex's youngest brothers got into this "safe" place and do I really need to explain more? Perhaps you have baby brothers of your own?

We ask you kindly to receive this letter and this tooth-shaped I.O.U. promising to relinquish the real tooth to you-- without expectation of further payment-- should it ever be found, though we must confess that we do not think it very likely.

Thank You in Advance Kind Fairie,
Alex's Mother


Ken Wills said...

LOL! Can you believe my son actually contemplated attempting to deceive the Tooth Fairy! He had a very realistic looking play tooth. We explained to him that the Tooth Fairy after having seen thousands upon thousands of teeth would not be duped in this manner. Additionally, the Tooth Fairy would not appreciate this attempt at deception. He wisely put aside his plans.

Suzanne Temple said...

Oh Ken, that is hilarious!

Diane said...

If Only I had a quarter for every time this sort of thing happened. Many years back I had a talk with the tooth fairy and she agreed that teeth didn't have to be under the pillow. She admitted to having a GPS type locator and that she would just leave the money on the table for any teeth that she found under the bed, behind the couch cushion, in the car, etc.

nutmeg said...

My Little Boo (now 4, but at the time she was 2) SWALLOWED, on purpose, my eldest's tooth.


But, the tooth fairy came anyway.

Julie said...

What a creative and quick thinking mom!

Johane said...

This occurs so often in my home that my kids are pen-pals with the tooth fairy! Not on a first name basis yet, but if this keeps up, we may actually find out her name! ;)