Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pink and Orange

What was I thinking??

These pictures are for the benefit of those who asked to see the whole quilt and also to serve myself a thick slice of humble pie (lest your generous response to my desperate blegs for votes goes to my head. Thank you!) I'm not sure what HCG did to my ability to perceive color or judge coordination all those years ago, but pink and orange? Purple and orange? Suzanne, no.

No, it just doesn't work.

And if the colors don't disturb you enough, add to this that the binding fabric I chose has little baby chickens all over it. AND, doesn't that mother duck's neck look a bit long...maybe more like a goose??

Ah well, gets the kid thinking, right? What is the difference between chicks and ducklings? Why does this orange look so bad next to this pink? Is that a duck in the middle or a goose? These are all good questions.

The point is, it was made with love and Simeon loves it and all the boys want quilts now, too. They've been playing a game on it they call "Duck, Duck, Chickens, Goose."
Good fun. Good fun.


J.C. said...

Now, now, Suzanne, you are being much too hard on yourself! The quilt is adorable!! Rest assured, all the imperfections you see are imperceptible (or charming!) to the vast majority of us. I can sympathize somewhat--I have a streak of perfectionist myself. Unfortunately, however, it is a paralyzing trait that more often than not prevents me from undertaking beautiful projects like yours! Too bad..:( It's a beautiful quilt you made your firstborn, and you should be extremely proud of it!

Mom to Four said...

I love it.

From one quilter to another, I can understand how it is when you look back on something, especially a piece you started so long ago.

But it is precious and it wil mena so much to Simeon forever!

Beautiful job!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Regardless of what you think of it now, he was always wrapped in warmth and love.

The most important ingredients!

And your sewing is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and how many children in this world would give their eyeteeth - if not more - to be enwrapped in such love? Simeon is a very beloved child, and this quilt is beautiful beyond words.

Cheryl M. said...

Suzanne, Simeon's quilt is just perfect!!! :)

betty said...

I love it! Your boys love it and I love it! I am envious of your talent! So there!

Ken Wills said...

Suzanne, it is beautiful and you should be very proud of it. Perhaps a short chat with Kristen and her post "Neither Silver Nor Gold" would make the point better!

Kristen Laurence said...

Suzanne, now, I have good taste. Really. I do. :) And I LOVE this quilt. Everything about it. The colors together, the duckgoose, everything. It's beautiful!

Diane said...

I think the quilt is beautiful. I only wish that I could do half as well

Love2Learn Mom said...

I really like it!

E Caughron said...

Couldn't think of what exactly to say, and so wasn't going to comment. But.... then Michael, my six-year-old, walked over just as I had opened the enlarged photo and said, "That looks NICE!" Emphasis his own.

Children do have impeccable taste sometimes.

Suzanne Temple said...

Well the e, I won't argue with him. Thank you Michael!