Monday, April 30, 2007

My Fellow Americans: A Family Album

"...I have seen much of this glorious landscape and have long since "populated" it with my fellow Americans--those people born here or not, who are part of my education, my experience, and my recall. Americans touch me. They influence me. They have become my family.

Like all families, my American family has its rich uncles and poor relations, its atheists and believers, its scoundrels and bigots, its gifted and compassionate. Above all these relatives are individuals, idiosyncratic and exceptional..."

So writes Alice Provensen in her introduction to yet another gem of a book. My Fellow Americans: A Family Album is illustrated in Alice's familiar style. The large, square watercolor images of Free Spirits, Rebel Voices, Architects, Villains, Inventors, Poets, and Enduring Icons of all kinds are framed in the dates and significant events, ideas and quotations that mark the influence of each of these members of our American family.

This book is a work of art and an inspiration to the study of American history. Simeon has recognized familiar faces in these pages and has also been inspired to learn more about others he is meeting here for the first time. These images, these faces, these quotations will live long in his imagination as the author so successfully shares with us these, "the companions of [her] daily thoughts."

And so they have become ours, also.

Update and Caveat: The author celebrates one Margret Sanger as "Humanitarian" and quotes her favorably on topics directly opposed to Catholic moral teaching. We have had to block this section of our copy out with a permanent marker.


Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Thanks! I had put this on hold along with The Buck Stops Here you posted about on Love2Learn blog yesterday. We're wrapping up American History-- and I have a citizenship anniversary coming up as well!

Suzanne Temple said...

Congratulations, Ana!

fallcolors said...

you seem to celebrate the wide ranging points of view that make up america, its what we are built on and it seems that you understand this, right before you mention how you blantantly censor the book with a permanent marker. one way to educate your children is to allow them to see all points of view and help them make their own decisions, but what you are doing here is putting up walls that most children in this day and age have already found ways to climb or break down. you are risking that your children will distrust you, that you will not allow to have the whole truth and i know when i was a child, i would do anything to find out what was behind the blacked out, closed off and censored.