Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(Good?) Reasons to Vote For Me

Reason #1: Voting for me is absolutely free. It would take only one minute of your time and one calorie of energy. When has it ever been this easy to make someone happy? Make someone happy today. Vote for me.

Reason #2: You'll have burned that calorie! So, voting for Blessed Among Men in the Best New Homeschool Blog catagory is an important part of an overall healthy lifestyle! Think of your health. Vote for me.

Thank you, again, for the nomination. Voting continues through Friday.


Anonymous said...

In order to use up one minute of their day, and of course, to better their health, I explained the homeschool blog awards to my children. After concluding that they couldn't vote for me, given that though I am a voracious reader of them, I don't actually have a blog. Instead, they used their personal email accounts to vote for you - with a little point and click help from me.

Suzanne Temple said...

You're a doll, anon, and thank your dear children for me!

Karen E. said...

You're too funny, Suzanne.

Jane Ramsey said...

You've got my vote for sure!