Saturday, April 28, 2007


...went the front doorbell this morning and five little barefoot boys went running out the breezeway door to see who was at the front.

"Boys, boys," I called after them standing in the side door, myself unshod and my hair dripping wet. "Come back, you don't have shoes on."


... came back and huddled at my legs wriggling like a ball of hamsters, each eager to be the boy closest to the open door.

Five came around the bend hollering, "It's people we don't know!"

(So embarrrasssing)

The people we dont know followed behind. They were a kind looking older couple with pamphlets. There was no hiding now.

"We'd just like to give you this information about inequality," the gentleman began, "Some people have so much and some have so little. Do you think this will ever change?" He held out a pamphlet.

"Do you represent a political group or a religious group?" I asked, not taking it.

"Religious," they both smiled.

"Thank you," I said controlling the crowd at my feet, "I wish you well, but we are happy Catholics here, very happy with our faith and we won't be changing to anything else."

They smiled and went on their way. As I shut the door, the boys dispersed. I fell back on the door with a sigh of relief, pleased to have seen our guests off so easily.

"Happy Catholics," I repeated and I heard my husband chuckle.

But it's true. We're not always happy, but we're always happy to be Catholic. Thanks, Julie!


Johane said...

How wonderful it is to be happy to be catholic. When thoughts of admiration of another's faith cross my mind, the thought that immediately follows is... "But they don't have "xyz" that I appreciate/love or find strength/courage/support in the catholic church..."

Johane said...

Ooops! that should say that I find a strenght/courage/support in the catholic church that I wouldn't find anywhere else.

Michelle Halpin said...

Glad we're not the only ones who have to answer the door on Saturday mornings and refuse pamphlets! :) LOL!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I love the line "myself unshod and my hair dripping wet." I know that feeling! It's like, oh no, they've spotted me through the window!

You handled the situation most happily, though.

Jane Ramsey said...

You handled that beautifully! I had similar visitors on GOOD FRIDAY, of all days! They were pleasant and left peacefully when I stated that we are Catholic and do not plan on converting.