Saturday, March 31, 2007

Interview Meme

And now for a little levity...

Here's a fun meme I saw over at Beck's place. She let me play along, too. I didn't even have to be famous; she agreed to interview me! I've never been interviewed before. I'm so nervous. Do I look Ok?

1. Every night, one singer will appear to serenade you after your
sons are in bed. Who do you pick?

How annoying. I would have to pick Kermit the Frog or some other Muppet that I could put away in a toy box. I really don't have time to be serenaded.

Now, if you had asked me this question about sixteen years ago, I'd have said Cat Stevens. But that wouldn't work today, we've both changed so much--really gone our separate ways, Cat and I.

2. What's on your grocery list for this week?

Food. Lots of food.

3. You suddenly have two baby daughters! What do you name them?

Marie-Claire and Marie-Lue. I love them already!

4. Which actress - past or present - should play you in the movie version of your life?

Judy Garland. I've often been told that I look like Judy Garland. I like to think people mean this, but more likely they mean something like this.

Besides, Judy and I both agree: There's no place like home...

5. You can give one piece of advice to the fashion industry. What do you tell them?

This is an easy question. I'd simply remind them that they are supposed to be clothing real people with real bodies and that the vast majority of real bodies (considerations of modesty quite aside) need plenty of coverage.

Thank you for this interview, it has been a pleasure. If you would like to be interviewed by me please email me or tell me in the combox and be sure I have an email address for you to send you your questions.


Paula in MN said...

Suzanne, I'll bite. I would love to be interviewed by you. And I thought you looked great!

stef said...

ITA with #5. And how sad about Cat Stevens. We still like Moon Shadow though:(

Michelle Halpin said...

I love Cat Stevens' music, too. :) I'll take some interview questions, if you're so inclined. My email is

mel said...

Ooh, I'd like to be interviewed! And the Judy Garland links were great. You *do* look like Judy! :)

Beck said...

I loved me some Cat Stevens, too. You DO look like Judy, although I think you're prettier.
I hope you had fun!

Suzanne Temple said...

Paula and mel, I do not have email addresses for you. If you email me, I'll gladly interview you.

Lillian said...

I just can't resist asking, may I be interviewed too?? Thanks!