Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Train He Plans to Miss

Me: Zachary, you are such a big boy now that you sleep in a big boy bed. Soon you will learn to go on the potty like a big boy, too.

Zachary: I don't like potty trains. I don't want a potty train.


Goslyn said...

*Snort* You've gotta watch out for the engineer on the potty train.

How cute. Good luck with that potty train. Ours stopped two days out of the station, and is now refusing to go.

Beck said...

What a guy! My little boy was quite certain that he never wanted to toilet train, too - but he did, eventually! And now I'm starting all over again with The Baby.

Matilda said...

That train is getting awfully close to our station as well (a little too close for BigBoy's comfort). He wants to be like his big brother in all ways BUT this one!

Suzanne Temple said...

Looks like I'm not alone waiting at this station.