Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank You

To everyone who participated in and visited the Candlemas Fair. At last count, we hosted over 550 visitors here yesterday!

I will continue to take entries through Candlemas, adding them to the "late comers" list as they come. So please, send me your links if you have them.


Alice said...

Thank you, Suzanne, for hostessing such an exceptional fair!

Ann Horan said...

I am still reading! It takes some time to take it all in, especially since most aspects of this feast are new to me. And I love having scripture, reflections, personal stories, and ideas for symbols, crafts, and celebrations all on one page!

Barbara in NoVA said...

Suzanne: I don't have a blog, but I have a latecomer idea. I, too, wanted to bring liturgical colors to my family. For our prayer table I found a set of tea light holders at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The holders are colored glass, and four of the six are red, purple, green, and blue (for Mary). I already had a clear holder, so the prayer table is set. (A friend told me Ikea has many colored holders, too.)

For the kitchen table we're using 3" diameter pillar candles in appropriate colors. I have plenty of red and green already, but found an online source for UNSCENTED, colored pillars: http://www.njcandle.com/. They are supposedly (haven't arrived yet) solid, poured colors, not white candles with colored edges. With shipping, the 9" tall cost a little over $6. ANYWAY, the final touch for the table is the wreaths we are making to place around the base of each candle. I found 8" straw wreaths at the craft store and wrapped them in green florist tape. We are using hot glue to attach leaves and flowers (craft store or Wal-Mart). I bought stems of white, red, purple, and blue flowers, and cut them up. For the green wreath I wrapped garlands of tiny ivy around the wreath, holding with green florist wire. The green and white are done, and look great! Now the children will be able to look up the "color of the day" and select the appropriate candle and wreath.

Suzanne Temple said...

Barbara, That sounds like a great idea for using candles and the liturgical colors in your home.