Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Setting the Record Straight

Zachary and Nicholas are thirteen months apart. Since Zachary is on the shorter side and Nicholas is on the taller side, we knew it wouldn't be long before people started asking us if they are twins. Well, they are not. They are very nearly the same height, though, and wearing many of the same clothes. Zachary is starting to notice the closing gap in his and Nicholas' size and he's not quite sure he likes it.

The other day when I bought new sippy cups for the two of them and asked Zachary to choose one, he was excited at first. He can drink out of a regular cup, but he still likes the portability of a sippy cup and perhaps some of the comforts as well. He chose the blue one, but when he was about to take it from my hand he paused a moment. A concerned look came over his face,

"Nicholas is little," he said, "He's a baby. I'm not little. I'm Zachary."

Only when I agreed most emphatically, "Oh, yes, you are not a baby. Nicholas is the baby," did he take the cup from my hand.


Matilda said...

We had the same problem with my girls who are 18 months apart. Whenever we went out in the side by side double stroller I just knew someone was going to ask if they were twins.
Please tell Zachary that I only thought they were twins because I couldn't see their faces clearly. He definitely has a big boy face (and it seems, an old soul).

Tracy said...

Oh the sweetness of brothers! My oldest are 14 mo. apart, and then we did have a real set of twins! Poor Jake and Ryan are always, always asked if they are twins too. "Two sets of twins!" is a comment we get quite frequently. Now they have their set anwers to comments and even sometimes pre-empitvely introduce themselves and their brothers and sisters, clearly stating, names and ages!

Gabrielle said...

"I'm not little. I'm Zachary." I love this.

Michelle said...

My boys are 21 months and 4" apart, and I still get the "twins?" question. I think people just can't fathom you doing that over and over again.

Jane Ramsey said...

I think we're going to have the same situation here pretty soon. My 3 year old is catching up to the 4 year old pretty fast!