Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rough Start

Simeon brought me his Animal Encyclopedia and showed me the picture of a Common Murre's egg. It sits, nestless, on a small rock ledge hundreds of feet above the Atlantic Ocean.

"Even though the egg is pointed so that it will roll in circles and not fall off the cliff," he said, "this just doesn't look like a nice place to be born." Thankfully, it's the Murre that has been called and equipped for that one.


Karen E. said...

Too cute!

Laura said...

I used to work counting murre colonies in Alaska (common and thick-billed murres). While they do live on sheer cliffs and falling, not to mention predation, are great dangers, there is much beauty to their lives. They live in beautiful, unspoiled places. No shopping malls. No traffic jams. Usually no people. Just God's magnificent creation. And thousands of other murres all squawking their heads off at once. A houseful of 5 boys is silent compared to those murres!

Suzanne Temple said...

laura, Wow! How neat! What a great job you had. You know, Simeon would have loved to go there with you. He'd ask you a bizillion questions over the squawking!