Wednesday, January 03, 2007

He Has a Point

Alex: Jacob, if you don't give me what I want, I will not play with you outside.

Jacob: That's not nice. I'm telling on you.

Alex: If you don't like what I say it isn't my fault, Jacob, it's yours. You should just ignore me.


Johane said...

Leave it to children to come up with perfectly circular logic! LOL

Ruth said...

I love that. They're hilarious!

forget me not said...

LOL! It's great that you keep this record of things they say. It'll be great for them to read these posts when they grow up!

Suzanne Temple said...

fmn, It does make for nice scrap book.

Alice said...

Cracking up.

It reminds me of a funny story about my son. Last year, I took all the kids for breakfast in a diner as a special treat. The waitress was fascinated by our large family and asked Patrick, "How do you like having all those sisters?" He thought a moment and answered, "Good, and if someone be's mean to me, I just ignore it."