Friday, December 01, 2006


As I was coming up the stairs from the playroom, I could hear Zachary in the kitchen, "Oh no," he was saying,"It's all my fault." Again, "It is my fault. Oh, no. No. Oh, no... It's all my fault." He sounded so distraught, I was really worried about what sight would greet me when I reached the top of the stairs.

When I did see him, wringing his little hands, there wasn't any sign of disaster. "What is all your fault, Zachary?" I asked and he became immediately shy. And then I saw that he was just practicing a new phrase and testing, at two years of age, how it might feel to experience the realization of complete failure.

Have I told you lately, how much I love my Zachary?


jerseygirlmama said...

An old boss of my husband has triplet boys (!) and one of them, Matthew, when they were two (they are five now) ran outside to his Daddy one day and kept saying, "Oh No!" as if something really bad had happened. His father, obviously concerned, kept asking, "What Matthew? What happened?" Finally Matthew said, "Bye Daddy!" and with a smile ran back inside.

Karen E. said...

Oh, that makes me love him, too.
:-) That is beyond cute.