Monday, November 27, 2006

Theology in the Van

Jacob: Did God make thieves?

Me: God made men and some men made themselves thieves.

Jacob: Why would a good guy make his-self into a bad guy?

Me: It doesn't make much sense does it, Jacob? But they think it will make them happy.

Simeon: (laughing at the foolishness) Ohh...but it never does.

I think they're on the right track.


Alice said...

Boy, I really do wish Patrick could meet your boys. Just tonight, before bedtime, he was musing about "robbers" saying that "robbers" can "go to a priest and tell their sins and say they are sorry" and then everyone would be "happy again."

It's so beautiful to see their dear little faith-filled thoughts and observations!

Suzanne Temple said...

Patrick is welcome here anytime, Alice.

earthie said...

That is so precious!