Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thankful Thursday

That caption reads...

Because everything in her house is waterproof, the housewife of 2000 can do her daily cleaning with a hose.
Well, (thankfully) that's not exactly how the "future" turned out, but there are many things that my mother did not have when all nine of her children were small and that I am grateful to have today. Joining in on Thankful Thursdays, however late, I add my list of ten such things...
  1. A vehicle with car seats that can safely hold my whole family.
  2. Pay at the pump gas stations.
  3. The necessary support system and materials for homeschooling.
  4. The internet for shopping, learning, news, blogs, and "virtual friends" as real as my real ones.
  5. The additional child tax credit. Not that it covers actual costs, but it sure is appreciated every April.
  6. Peapod by Stop and Shop. I have never actually used this service, but I sleep well at night knowing that it is there.
  7. Netflix.
  8. Oxyclean.
  9. "Mother with child" parking spots at grocery stores, changing stations in public restrooms, and family bathrooms!
  10. The Luminous Mysteries, because the grace of five extra mysteries is that much more to make up for where I am lacking!


Anonymous said...

Whenever I am bogged down with laundry (which is always), I remind myself that my grandmother hauled water from a river and washed her laundry in tubs in the yard, except in winter, when she had to do it in the kitchen. So I guess I can throw some laundry in a machine.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that the "help" you're receiving in the form of tax credits every April is your own money that the government magnanomously decided not to keep.

Nevermind that the taxation of your income is completely unconstitutional in the first place.

Amy said...

Great list! I need to be more thankful for my modern conveniences...thanks for the reminder! I love the cartoon, btw! :)

Jennifer said...

I thought your list was wonderful. And I get really excited about the tax credit thing too. And it doesn't really bug me that they keep some of it, because they actually keep things rolling pretty smoothly around here. ???Oxyclean is nice too.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I almost put Netflix on my list! And then, as is inevitable with Minnesota Me, I went to refill my coffee and got side-tracked.

Great list and super-fun vintage cartoon!

Love2Learn Mom said...

Most excellent list. Netflix, Oxyclean, child tax credit ... I'm right there with you!

I love the Luminous Mysteries too - though I don't partake as often as I should. I thought it strange that they were controversial. Having read a little about St. Dominic, etc., they seemed more like something from long ago that had been lost than some "modern invention."

JennGM said...

I love how you tied a theme in with your picture. Great list... I especially like the Luminous Mysteries comment. All those great household helps, but those mysteries are an added bonus!

Diane said...

So many blessings I take for granted each day---thanks for the reminder and the fun read!

Elizabeth said...

I love this list, Suzanne and I'm off to pray those Luminous Mysteries. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't pay-at-the-pump the best?? I love it!

Jamie said...

Great list!! I also love the Luminous Mysteries, I tend to meditate more because I have to think before each mystery still.
Oxyclean...I'm going to have to try that! Netflix, taxes,(we have a new baby this year) you hit everything except Diet Coke!

Thanks and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Good to find your blog!

God bless
Maria in the UK

Suzanne Temple said...

Anon #1, I'll have to remember that next time I'm tempted to whine about laundry.

Thanks for visiting Amy and Maria.

Love2learn, I agree. The more I used the Luminous mysteries, the more I loved them and the more I wondered how the rosary ever seemed complete without them.

Say a Hail Mary for me, Elizabeth.

Congratulations on the new baby, Jamie!

Thanks all!

Erin said...

Suzanne, I am thankful for your list -- it was a good reminder of things to be thankful for after a very difficult week. Thanks for the luminous mysteries link as well -- I had not heard about those!

Tracy said...

I am a bit chuckling, maybe a bit wistfully, at that cartoon.

Great list!

Suzanne Temple said...

I'm sorry to hear you had a difficult week, erin. I hope the weekend is better for you.

You know, tracy, the more I consider that cartoon, the more I think it might just be a good idea.